Saturday, December 7, 2013

The Power of Prayer

My friend recently came to me to ask me to do something important that I never do: would I pray for her sister!  Why!!! I asked what is happening!  She says that her sister’s employer, who is a tech guy from Pakistan, recently lost 2 million RWF (Rwandan francs).  This is about 3 thousand dollars and like a fortune for almost ANYONE in Rwanda.  When this kind of sum is lost, everyone near the person, who is of “lower” status, is in suspicion.  My friend was beside herself with worry.

I asked her a bevy of questions about her sister and the nature of her employment and, basically everything she had already asked her sister.  The problem is, though Rwanda is quite secure in terms of prevention, if someone does steal something they can just disappear.  So, it is common practice in Rwanda to detain all those under suspicion.  My friend asked me if she should call her mother and said that she thought that she shouldn’t.  I told her I agreed, don’t call you mum.

My friend was just waiting for the phone call saying that her sister was being taken away.  She didn’t even want her sister in the prison.  I can understand that.  All day long I look at men either convicted or accused who were in prison and who are so thin, they are just so thin.  I understand it too.  It's not that Rwanda is cruel, Rwanda is just SO POOR.  How can they give good meal to prisoners when some of those of their people still have no milk or meat?  I sympathize.  And, honestly, from what I have learned here, given what it has, Rwanda takes better care of both its prisoners and its poor than the USA.  Given what it has.

And it came to pass that, three days afterward, this Pakistani guy said that he thought he had “lost” the money.  That is, he left it in a car and it was stolen by a stranger from there.  This was “corroborated” by investigation by the police because usually if a Rwandese were to steal such a large sum they would run but none of his staff had run, including my friend’s sister.  In fact, even as the police were investigating, this man said that he was sure it was not her.  Thus, all are in the clear.  Crisis averted.

I am ecstatic for my friend and her sister, remember my friend gave up her chance at an education to give it to this sister.

In the end, the question was….did I pray for them?  Don’t be stupid…

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