Saturday, September 21, 2013

Learning about Rwanda...for non-Africans

I have been reading this other blog for a while now, by, I believe, a Scandinavian ex-pat living in Kigali and writing up her life there.  It's really snarky, often funny, usually informative, and mostly interesting.  I hope I get to meet her.  Anyway, if you want to learn more check it out here:

Interesting things I have learned there:

1.  Flip-flops are illegal in Rwanda.  The reason has something to do with signaling non-"third-world-nation" status to investors or something.

2.  Walking on the grass is illegal in Rwanda.  The reason, don't ruin the grass!  Also, see item 3.

Which unfortunately means that these killers are out as well...

3.  The last Saturday of every month is Umuganda, a day of community service for all Rwandan citizens.  They pick up trash, cut grass, etc.  Now, would you want everyone else walking or otherwise mussing the grass if you were the one cutting and landscaping it?

4.  People will refer to me as Muzungu.  This connotes "white person" when used.  But, its literal meaning is to spin in place.  First, its awesome that there is one simple word for this activity, but second, it refers to the idea that people getting off the airplane or bus will stand in one spot and look all around trying to read things or generally figure out where they are and where they should be going.  Sounds about right.

So, you see, its a good blog.

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