Thursday, October 3, 2013

Good Morning Starshine, Rwanda Says Muraho

Hello everyone.  I would like to formally introduce you to chapatti, further proof that the rest of the world eats more reasonable things for breakfast than those in the US.  It is a thick tortilla-like thing, often eaten alongside fruit, for breakfast.  It has onions in it and is just delicious and pretty filling.  This is the chapatti I ate for breakfast this morning accompanied by a cup of Rwandan tea and a small banana.  The bananas here are fresh and delicious and very small.  They are sweet even when yellow and unfreckled.  This is different from the so-called “cooking banana” which is not so sweet but not as thick and starchy as a plantain and are also delicious when sautéed.

I’ll post more soon on the compound and some photos.


  1. Oh and I forgot to tell you, each of these pieces of heaven are 100 Rwandan francs. That's 15 cents!

  2. You and your breakfast hate :) I'm glad you are there and safe love.

  3. Sooo jealous! Can we please move to Sweden? Please?